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Wednesday, October 16, 2019 - 3:30

Blockchain innovation in healthcare showcase

This year, we are introducing the Blockchain Innovation in Healthcare Showcase, designed as an international platform to demonstrate and explore the capabilities of leading blockchain technology players from the US and around the world who will pitch their skills and solutions to the audience. We will have 5 companies who will have 9 minutes to make a presentation, consisting of a six-minute pitch and three minutes of Q&A. Each company will have a solution for the problems presented in the industry.

  • Healthcare ecosystem
  • Healthcare billing, claims and payments
  • Electronic health records storage
  • Unique identifiers for patients
  • Genomics
Alex Fair MedStartr Ventures
Alex Fair
Managing Partner
MedStartr Ventures
David Stefanich Rymedi
David Stefanich
Founder and CEO
Ben Jessel Kadena
Ben Jessel
Head of Growth
Brahma P. Sen InAge Technology
Brahma P. Sen
InAge Technology
Rama Krishna Rao Bloqcube
Rama Krishna Rao
CEO & Founder
David Koepsell Encrypgen
David Koepsell
Author and CEO
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