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Wednesday, October 16, 2019 - 4:30

Blockchain, AI, and machine learning are shifting healthcare towards the future

Modern tech is getting progressively sophisticated at doing what humans do, but more efficiently, more quickly and at a much lower cost. The potential for Blockchain, AI and Machine Learning in healthcare is vast. Currently these technologies are being used in different areas that are changing lives every day. During this session we will discuss those areas and how they are thriving in the industry.

  • Consumer health applications
  • Detection of early diseases
  • Clinical decision-making
  • Power diagnosis
Dr. Jim Kyung-Soo Liew Johns Hopkins Carey Business School
Dr. Jim Kyung-Soo Liew
Johns Hopkins Carey Business School
Tatyana Kanzaveli Open Health Network
Tatyana Kanzaveli
CEO and Founder
Open Health Network
David Houlding Microsoft
David Houlding
Principal Healthcare Lead
Heather Flannery ConsenSys Health
Heather Flannery
Global Lead
ConsenSys Health
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