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Thursday, October 17, 2019 - 12:00

Enabling asset tracking platforms with blockchain

Identifying how blockchain technologies could reduce cost and improve efficiency across various industries has become a point of interest. Especially, in the medical device industry, where blockchain and distributed ledger technology may be able to enhance trust, collaboration, traceability, and auditability across the industry’s value chain. Blockchain technologies offer the potential to transform critical medical device processes in development, commercial operations, and supply chain and product lifecycle documentation, with ILT technology and RFDI capabilities. We will hear more about these tracking platform from PwC team.

Wayne McDonnell PwC
Wayne McDonnell
Principal, Pharmaceuticals & Life Sciences Supply Chain & Operations Consulting - West Region Leader
Kris Kersey  PwC
Kris Kersey
Managing Director, Emerging Technology & New Services
Carlos Moreira PwC
Carlos Moreira
Principal - US Pharmaceuticals & Life Sciences
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