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Thursday, October 17, 2019 - 11:30

Improving traceability and transparency of consent in clinical trials utilizing unique systems

The FDA reports that almost 10% of the trials they monitor feature some issues related to consent collection. These include: failure to obtain written informed consent, unapproved forms, invalid consent document, failure to re-consent to a revised protocol and missing Institutional Review Board approval to protocol changes; among others. How can a blockchain platform help solve the problem?

  • Providing time-stamping of consent
  • Smart contracts
  • Utilizing unique systems that unlock the value of blockchain
Jason C. Goldwater
Jason C. Goldwater
Senior Principal
Atlas Research
Rama Krishna Rao Bloqcube
Rama Krishna Rao
CEO & Founder
Kieren James-Lubin BlockApps
Kieren James-Lubin
CEO & Co-founder
Heather Flannery ConsenSys Health
Heather Flannery
Global Lead
ConsenSys Health
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