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Thursday, October 17, 2019 - 1:30

The Use of Blockchain to Improve Quality of Care for Patients with Mental Health/Substance Use Disorder

The significant amount of data being generated through medical technologies, such as electronic medical records (EMRs), quantified self-tracking devices, smartphone applications and personal health records (PHRs) provide an opportunity to gather insight into a patient’s health status that was previously only available through the administration of a psychometrically validated instrument. This expanding ecosystem provides a more proactive approach to health as the data streams from these devices can be intermingled with social networks, crowdsourced studies and the Quantified Self community, which collects and shares biophysical assessments. During this session we will discuss how using these emerging technologies and specific patient-focused outcome, measures to evaluate a patient’s mental status and functioning moves towards understanding their specific condition. Afterwards, helping move towards a more positive position of mental performance optimization, rather than seeking a cure or identifying a pharmacologic solution.

Jason C. Goldwater
Jason C. Goldwater
Senior Principal
Atlas Research
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