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Thursday, October 17, 2019 - 9:15

Leadership in healthcare blockchain adoption

While the financial services and shipping industries have been quick to deploy blockchain, the healthcare industry is currently following their lead as it looks to increase efficiency and security, reduce costs and expand services with the distributed ledger technology. In healthcare, many providers and pharmaceutical companies are already in trials and proof of concept in areas such as supply chain, clinical trials and billing management. During this session we will talk to leaders in the healthcare industry about their approach to blockchain, the testing and adoption of the distributed ledger.

Fletcher McCraw Cognizant
Fletcher McCraw
Healthcare and Life Sciences Lead
Dr. Leah Houston HPEC
Dr. Leah Houston
Board Certified Physician, CEO & Founder
Carlos Moreira PwC
Carlos Moreira
Principal - US Pharmaceuticals & Life Sciences
John Bass Hashed Health
John Bass
Founder & CEO
Hashed Health
Mike Jacobs Optum
Mike Jacobs
Technology Fellow
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