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Tuesday, October 15, 2019 - 1:00

Examining infrastructure and scalability for a successful large-scale blockchain projects

Blockchain adoption will be characterized by a large number of permissioned, purpose-built blockchain platforms geared towards a specific use case or user base. Therefore, infrastructure and scalability are paramount for the success of the projects running in the blockchain. During this workshop we will learn more about how to create a large-scale project with success factors listed below. Also, participants will be able to collaborate and interact with others in the industry to ensure sustainability of blockchain ecosystems.  

  • Clear purpose and concept
  • Governance
  • Component-based and service-oriented architecture
  • Homogeneous production environment
  • Pooled resources
Jeff Stollman Rocky Mountain Technical Marketing
Jeff Stollman
Principal Consultant
Rocky Mountain Technical Marketing
Ben Jessel Kadena
Ben Jessel
Head of Growth
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