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Jennifer Georgino

Founding Board Advisor
Blockchain Chamber of Commerce, Inc. (BCC)

Jennifer has a love of cutting-edge technology, international business and the legal field. Since graduating from Dickinson College/Johns Hopkins years ago with an undergrad in Int’l Studies, her professional experience has encompassed legal roles, account management, business development (enterprise sales for technology companies) and hospital consulting and executive recruiting.  

After being involved in the telehealth industry in early 2017 she worked with a blockchain startup, Patientory, in the blockchain healthcare space, and became committed to this exciting, new technology. Since then, she has been involved in the blockchain space and Sr. Editor of Blockchain Healthcare Review, where she interviewed leading thought leaders, performed research and chaired/moderated blockchain panels at conferences nationwide. She is on the Advisory Board of the Technology Association of Georgia – Digital Health and the Blockchain Chamber of Commerce, Inc, as she explores the blockchain ecosystem around use cases and supports this space in cutting-edge technology.

Jennifer Georgino's Session:

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