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JJ Ogrey

CTO & Co Founder

JJ is the CTO & co-founder of QCMedchain, a decentralized, autonomous platform for drug distribution chains. He is a tenacious entrepreneur and is self-taught in quantum computation, blockchain, deep learning, and software development. He is one of the earlier members of moonshot.express, a project landing a cryptocurrency wallet on the moon. In this project, he developed internal research involving quantum cryptography as well as blockchain & Internet of Things to potentially solve the trustless generation of a private key being sent to the moon. He has also been a key developer of the moonshot platform. He loves anything related to space exploration, asteroid mining, and the Breakthrough Starshot project. Some of his heroes include Steve Jobs, Larry Ellison, Napoleon Hill, Elon Musk, Nikola Tesla, and Richard Feynman.

JJ Ogrey's Session:

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