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Rep. James Grant

Chair of Florida House Health Quality Subcommittee, Member of the Florida Health and Human Service Committee, Member of Healthcare Appropriations Subcommittee
Florida House of Representatives

James Grant is an innovator and strategist with a focus on healthcare technology. A recovering attorney, nearly a decade sober from the practice of law, he has been on the frontlines of pushing data interoperability and the use of technology to align the interests of various stakeholders across the healthcare industry. Confounding a technology enabled services company, James worked with health systems, providers, and payers across the country to deliver better outcomes for more people at lower costs. In addition to his private sector work, James is a member of the Florida House of Representatives serving as the Chariman of Health Quality and sitting on the Health and Human Services, Healthcare Appropriations Committees, Commerce, Justice Appropriations, and Civil Justice committees.

Rep. James Grant's Session:

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