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Aman Quadri

Co-Founder & CEO
AMSYS Blockchain / AMSYS Group

Aman Quadri, PT, DPT, Cert. MDT, CEO / Co-Founder of the AMCHART Initiative, and Chief Strategy Officer of the AMSYS Group, has extensive experience within the tech and medical sector. By combining his knowledge in both areas and along with a great development/exec team, AMSYS Blockchain is working on solutions within the EMR/EHR and medical wellness space. In his view, every patient should have 24/7 access to their records, understand what that data means, and be able to share it through permissioned access.

The main goal for the AMCHART initiative is provide a patient-centric incentive-based platform that combines mobile applications, a personal health record, and a fully functioning EMR with emerging technology tools for providers allowing seamless use of data and continuity of care. Patients can earn incentives through keeping track of health data through connected devices, sharing their data for research, or be involved in clinical trials.

We believe that giving providers better access to data, allow payers to monitor patients in near real-time, and patients to control and understand their health will lead to improved value-based care and better outcomes.

Aman Quadri is also one of the recent Co-Founders of Blockchain in Healthcare Global, an initiative in conjunction with IEEE-ISTO to work with other organizations to help set rules, regulations, and standards that all can follow. By creating rules around data lakes, emerging technologies, and legacy systems, we can work towards interoperability and integrated healthcare.

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